The Novel


            Hey you; yeah you, the person reading this. Why are you reading this? This is a story not for the warm-hearted. This story involves a bunch of teenagers who got themselves into a lot of trouble. It's not smart to read this. There's a lot of blood and bone breaking, and a few people dying. Still reading? You've got some guts. Well, anyways, it was a couple of guys just wanting to make a living. Society turned them down, but they still wanted in. So they all started a life of crime. They created what you call, a street gang. It's a story to hear, to tell the truth.


            It was one large city, with a few gangs. The Colombians, The Demons, The Hunters, The Angels, The Knights and the gang run by the guys who wanted a decent living; the S-Rs. Only the members of S-Rs knew what it stood for, if anything. Good luck finding out, if you want to know.


            There were always fights; but these gang members didn't use guns. They all agreed that in the gang war, there will be no guns. Only up close combat. The fighters wanted to die with pride, knowing that they weren't killed so easily.


            Now, about those guys. The city with the six gangs is a large city; the largest in Canada, in fact. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The fights were all across the city. The S-Rs rival gang were the Knights. Oh yes, I forgot to mention one other gang. There are a lot of smaller gangs not worth mentioning, but this gang was known as the Jokers. The largest gang in the city, maybe in Ontario or even Canada itself.


            Okay, well, it was in the hot month of July, a meeting was called. This would unite all the gangs; large and small; together, to take real control of Toronto, and the surrounding cities. There are a lot of gang members. This is how it all started...


            “Graham, Mike, what you two doin'?” the S-R leader known as “D” said.

“We're just chillin', where's the rest of the guys?” Graham, a somewhat fat but strong guy said.
“I think they're outside doing their usual stuff,” D said.
“Nothing new, eh?” Mike, a short, skinny guy said.
A molotov cocktail flew through the window and caused a fire in the room.
“Ha ha ha, how do you like us now!” one of the Knights said.

“You bastards!” D yelled down at them, “You two take care of the fire, these Knights are really getting on my nerves, meet me outside,” D said to the two, as he ran outside and down the stairs.

After the fire was taken care of, Mike and Graham ran down the stairs to meet up with D.

“Come on we gotta round up the guys!” D yelled.

The three ran around the corner and saw Mo, a tall and strong guy with a mohawk playing dice with Tyler; a short and skinny guy, but trained in martial arts.

“You two, we're taking out some of the Knights, they are getting on my nerves,” D said.

“Okay dude, the other five are trying to rob a store down the street,” Tyler said.

“Only the five of them?” Mike said.

“Yeah, they're morons,” Mo said.


            The five ran down the street, a small business district. Mostly fast food, a coffee place and a small convenience store.
“What the hell are you guys doing?” D said.

“Robbing the store, want to help?” Alex, a black, short-haired guy said.

“Hells yeah!” Mo said.
“Sounds fun,” Ryan, a short but ripped guy said.

“Okay, our plan is to pick lock the lock, but so far no success,” Mark, a tall, black-haired guy said.
“That's where I come in,” Graham said, as he walked up to the lock on the door.
Graham easily unlocked the lock without the alarm going off.
“Damn it, I told you we should of brought Graham,” Deni said to Jesse.
“Yeah yeah, whatever,” Jesse said.

The ten entered the store and quietly stole some of the food, drinks and other accessories. Someone saw the guys in the store and quickly called the police. The cops quickly arrived, but it was an even match. There were ten S-Rs and ten of the cops at the store.

“Want to try and fight them?” Tyler said.

“Yeah let's own these bastards,” Mo said, as he ran at a cop and tackled him to the ground.
“Stop!” a cop yelled.
“Too late!” Ryan said, as he threw a beer bottle at a cop, breaking on his face.

“Huzzah!” Mark yelled, as he hit a cop in the face with a chair, knocking him out.

“Eat this!” Alex said, as he hit a cop in the temple with a brick, surely knocking him out easily.

The numbers were then ten to eight, with the cop number reducing quickly. D hit a cop in the side of the head with a metal bat, and Ryan stabbed a cop in the stomach with pieces of the broken beer bottle. The numbers were now ten to six, so the cops attempted to retreat, and when they ran, the guys threw a bunch of stuff at them; bricks, beer bottles, anything just to knock 'em down.

“Buncha wimps, eh guys?” Mo said.

“Yeah, they are, now let's get out of here,” Tyler said, and the guys ran back to the hangout.


            The day after the store robbery, the Colombians wanted to pay a visit to the S-Rs.

“Hey hey hey, what's up homes?” the muscle-packed Colombian leader, Jose, said as he walked up.
“Oh man nothin' much bro', you gonna be at Bird's big meeting?” D said.
“Hells yeah man, I'll see you there?” Jose asked.

“Yeah man, we'll be there, if we can find the way there,” D said, as he laughed.

“Good luck with that one man, it was hard for me to narrow it down to only ten members of my gang. But I decided finally, and it's a heavy set, in case we get into any shit, you hear? We still got a truce if something happens at that meeting right?” Jose asked.

“Hell yeah, don't worry about it,” D said.

“I'll see you there then, I'm out,” Jose said as he walked away.

“Take care of yourself, bro',” D said, as he walked down the street.


            The next day, in the night time...

            “Hey, you ready for Bird's meeting?” D said.

“Yeah man... It'll be weird, sitting with all our enemies,” Mike said back.

“Eh... as long as it all works out,” D said.

A large group of the S-Rs stood in a circle at the dock.

“Listen guys... tomorrow, we're goin' to a big meeting. A lot of our enemies will be there. But I want no one packed, and no one flexin' any muscle, you hear?” D said to the group.

“Yeah, I guess,” said Alex, as he scratched his neck.

“No foolin' around, and I mean that. The people here are going to that meeting. As you can see, that is myself, Mike, Alex, Mark, Deni, Graham, Jesse, Tyler, Mo and Ryan. Everyone says Bird is the one and only. I guess we'll have to take a look for ourselves,”

“I bet something will screw up,” Mo said.

“We just got to hope that nothing screws up,” Tyler said back to Mo.

“Let's prepare for tomorrow,” Mark said as the guys walked away.

At nine in the night time, the guys stood at the subway.

“Let's go,” D said.



            The few guys talked about what would happen, and what they know about the area.

“What do you know about Bird?” Mike asked Ryan.

“Magic... whole lotta magic...” Ryan replied.

“What do you know about Bird?” Mike asked again to Mo.
“He's some crazy guy tryin' to run the town; he'll need our help, though,” Mo replied.

“Now I don't want you mouthin' any of the other guys, you hear?” Graham said to Mo.
“Yeah yeah, but I betcha nobody's gonna even be there,” Mo snapped back.

The guys stepped out of the train and they walked up the stairs. Then they walked through a graveyard; spooky, isn't it? No, not really. Then they headed down to the park where the meeting is supposed to take place.

“So how much were you betting, Mo?” Graham said as he laughed, while the guys walked through the rusty gates.

“Screw you man,” Mo said back.

“We're here guys,” D said to the group.

“Yeah, I can kind of see that,” Deni said.


            The guys stayed close together so they wouldn't get lost, and a man walked up to a platform while the crowd of enemy gang members fell silent.

“Can you count, friends? Can you see all your rivals? We got the S-Rs standing next to the Knights, we got the Angels, standing right beside the Demons. Nobody is hitting nobody. That's the way it should be. If we can unite together under one strong force, then we can take control of the city. We can control the streets, the business; everything!” Bird said to the large crowd.

“Yeah!” one of the members yelled out.

“There aren't as many cops as there are gang members; if no one broke the truce, then the city will be ours. Spread the word to the gangs uninvited to this meeting,” Bird said.

“Here you go boss,” a Knight said to the leader, Trop.
“Here we go,” Trop said, as he shot Bird in the stomach with a pistol.

Bird fell off the platform, and all the Jokers ran towards their leader. Police sirens then went off, as everyone realized that the cops had surrounded the park.
“Split!” D yelled, as all the S-Rs ran towards a fence. The group hopped over and ran back through the graveyard, and jumped onto the ground.


            “Is it safe?” Mike said, breathing heavily.

“Shit man, we're so screwed...” Mark said.

“Let's get the hell out of here, before we get caught,” Alex said as he sighed.

“I agree with the dumb ass, let's get out of here!” Mo said as he got up.

“Let's go then,” D said as the guys ran towards the subway.
The guys stepped onto the train, but a few minutes later, the train suddenly stopped.

“What the hell happened now?” Jesse asked.

“Cool it man, let's find out,” Tyler said, as the guys got off the train.

“Someone started a fire here, we can't go anywhere with this train,” D said.

“Nice observation, captain obvious, where to though?” Graham said.

“Hey! What you punks doin' on our turf?” a guy said, as him and two other guys walked up.

“Train broke down, we're just passin' through,” Tyler said.

“What are you doing down here anyways?” the man asked.

“We were at Bird's meeting, big thing,” Tyler replied.

“We didn't hear of this meeting! If the Kings didn't know about it, it didn't happen!” the man yelled.

“It was just on, the fuzz came, everyone split. It wasn't fun, I'd have to say,”Alex said.



            “Take your colours off, you can pass through here,” the man said.

“What?” Alex asked.

“Take your vests off and you can walk through, I don't want you guys with your colours on,” the man said.

“We're just passing through quickly, no need to bitch about it,” Mo snapped.

“Good luck then,” the man said, as he and his two friends walked into a building.
“Hey, you know these bastards?” Mo asked Tyler.

“Yeah, Kings, small gang,” Tyler replied.

“Numbers?” D asked.

“Max strength, I'd say, maybe twenty,” Tyler said, as he laughed.
“Thirty is a lot more then eight,” Deni said.

“Not if they're wimps, and I'm sick of this running crap,” Mo said, as he cracked his knuckles.

“Come on, let's go,” D said, as the guys walked down the street.

All thirty of the Kings ran down on the other side of the street.

            “Hey S-Rs, we told you politely! Take off your colours and we wouldn't get you! But you didn't listen did you? Now you're in for it!” the leader said.
“Here,” D said as he handed a piece of clothing and a lighter to Mo.

“Molotov?” Mo asked.

“Of course,” D replied.

Mo then took the beer bottle out of his pocket; still full; and wrapped the piece of clothing around the tip. Then he lit the piece on fire, and threw it at a car.

“Come get us!” Mo yelled, as a few Kings ran across the street.
The car then exploded, making the Kings that tried to cross get knocked down onto the street, unconcious. The S-Rs then ran at the remaining Kings; still a high number of twenty; and started fighting. A brave move indeed, but the only thing this proves is foolishness. The S-Rs won the battle, wounded, but still, a battle won is a battle won.



            “Let's get out of here,” D said, as the guys walked up a ramp.
The guys then opened a gate with four cops across the street from them.
“Hey you, freeze!” the cop said.

“Oh shit!” Mo said as the guys split.

“Get back here!” another cop said as they split and chased the guys.

Mo ran down a sidewalk, but the cop jumped and grabbed Mo's legs, and then he cuffed him.
“Hey what the hell, I didn't do nothin' man!” Mo yelled.

“Keep your mouth shut punk!”, the cop said.

Tyler hopped a fence and jumped behind a wall, while Mike ran into some of the Demons, and got knocked out. Ryan jumped into a dumpster, and Jesse got cuffed near a store. Alex climbed up into a tree, Deni ran into a park and Mark, being the fool that he is, tripped and got himself cuffed near Alex.

“Graham, we gotta get those guys,” D said, as him and Graham hid in an alley.
“I see Mo, we should get him first,” Graham said.


            “Okay, break!” D said as the two ran out of the alley and down the sidewalk.

“Come on, get me outta here!” Mo whispered.

“Yeah I got you man hang tight,” Graham said as he unlocked the handcuffs with a pick-lock.

“Thanks, Alex and Mark are over at the tree down there, Mark got cuffed, I saw Mike run down one way, and Tyler and Ryan ran that way” Mo explained.
“You go look for Mike, we'll get Mark, okay?” D said.

“Okay man,” as he ran down the street and around the corner.

“Watch yourself Graham, there will probably be a couple enemy gang members around, and probably a lot of cops,” D said.

“Okay, let's go get Mark,” Graham said.

The two ran down the street and ran up to Mark.

“Mark, where's Alex?” Graham asked.

“Right up here guys,” Alex said, as he jumped down from the tree.

“Did you see anyone else?” D asked.

“Ryan is hiding in that dumpster over there, and I'm not sure about Tyler or Jesse,” Alex said, as Graham pick-locked the handcuffs on Mark.


            “Thanks Graham, I'll go look for Jesse okay?” Mark said.

“Okay bro', just don't get yourself cuffed again, or beaten down,” D said.

Mark then ran down the street and turned the corner, towards the store.

“So Ryan is in that dumpster?” D asked.

“Yeah, come on,” Alex said as the three ran up a small set of stairs and over to the dumpster.

“Ryan? Come on out, it's safe dude,” Graham said.

“Oh thank bloody hell, it smells awful in there,” Ryan said, as he hopped out of the dumpster.

“Ha ha, where's Tyler?” Alex asked.

“I think over here, but I'm not too sure,” Ryan said, as the four walked by a building.

“Tyler, you over here?” D asked.

“You lookin' for your little friend?” a guy said, as him and three emerged from the darkness behind a wall.
“Shit, where's Tyler?” Ryan said.

“Your friend is taking a small nap,” another guy said.


            “You Knights are starting to really piss me off,” D said, as the four ran at the four Knights.

The battle started, as D punched a Knight in the face, and because of the punch, he turned around and hit his face on the brick wall.
“How's brick taste buddy?” D said, but then he got punched in the stomach and fell to the ground.
“Wanna throw up, punk?” a Knight said, and then Ryan came up from behind and whacked him in the head with a metal bar.
“How you like me now, bitch?” Ryan said as he laughed.

D got up, and ran over and checked the guy Graham was fighting, while Alex pulled out a sharpened piece of wood and stabbed the last Knight in the stomach.

“Don't mess with us,” Alex said as he ran behind the wall to look for Tyler.

“You alive Tyler?” Graham said, jokingly.

“Oh man my head...” Tyler said as he slowly got up.

“We got to find Jesse, Deni and Mike,” D said.

“Where's Mo and Mark?” Tyler asked.

“They are looking for Jesse and Mike, no one knows where Deni is,” Graham said.

“Deni is at the park exit, the way we have to go to get to the next station,” Tyler said.


                        “Okay then. Tyler and Ryan, you go look for Mo and Mike. Alex and Graham, you two will look for Mark and Jesse, okay? Get everyone together and meet at the store, tell them to as well, okay? I'll go grab Deni,” D said.

“Okay bro', don't get hurt,” Graham said, as the five split up.

D ran down to the very end of the street, into the park.
“Deni, you here?” D asked, as he pushed a bush out of the way.

“Yeah, why?” Deni asked.

“We're goin' to the store; maybe pick up a few things, you know?” D said, as he laughed.

“Do we have time?” Deni asked.

“You sure do like asking questions, come on, the others will be there,” D said.
“Oh, okay, let's head out then,” Deni said, as the two ran to the other end of the street and turned the corner. Now, over with Mo.
“Mike, you awake?” Mo said as he kicked Mike.
“Demons... they got me... ouch, it hurts,” Mike said, as he slowly tried to get back up.

“Where?” Mo asked.

Three Demons walked out, all armed with a bat.
“You ready for a beating, boy?” one of the three Demons asked.


                        “Come on bitch, bring it,” Mo said, as he cracked his neck.

Mo then punched one in the face wearing brass knuckles, of course, knocking the guy to the ground. He then stepped out of the way as a baseball bat flew towards his face. Mo picked up the bat from the first Demon, and then whacked the second one in the face. The first Demon got back up and punched Mo in the back of the head, but it wasn't enough to hit him to the ground. Mo then turned around and hit the Demon in the face with the bat, knocking him out. Mike had already knocked the third Demon out, so the two turned around the corner and met up with Tyler and Ryan.
“Guys, we gotta meet up with the others at the store,” Ryan said.
“Okay, let's hurry then,” Mike said, as the four ran down the street to the store.

Now over with Mark, Alex, Jesse and Graham.
“Jesse, we got to go,” Mark said.

“Okay” Jesse said.

“Wait, here's Alex and Graham,” Mark said, as the two stopped.

“Hey ladies, we got to wait here for the others,” Alex said.

“Okay. Wait, why?” Mark asked.

“Not sure, D just said. Oh here they are,” Graham said.


                        “Hey guys, we're gonna do a little bit of store-robbing while we're in the neighbourhood,” D said, as he laughed.

“Let's finish this up and get the hell out of this mud hole,” Mo said, as he broke the window of the store, and the guys walked through.

“Grab everything you can!” Mike said.
“Everything? Okay!” Mark said, as he grabbed the register, and ran outside.
“Shit the fuzz are coming, let's split!” Tyler said, as he ran out.

“Come on guys, let's move!” D said, as he ran out as well.

“Hey you punks! Freeze!” a cop yelled.
“Oh shit! Cheese it!” Alex said, as the rest of the guys ran outside with things stuffed in their pockets. All of the guys then ran down to the park, and ran through the gate at the other side of the park.
“Okay, Mr. Cartographer, where are we supposed to go now, eh???” Graham snapped.

“Jeez man cool your jets, we go down this way,” Tyler said, as the ten guys walked down an alley, and then onto a large street.

“We have to walk a kilometer or so, and then the train station will be there,” Tyler said.

“Are you sure?” Alex asked.
“Yeah, I'm good like that,” Tyler said, as he laughed.

“I hope you're sure,” Mo said, as the guys walked down the street.



                        The guys walked down the long street, and turned a couple corners. After they turned one corner they saw twenty Demons; all armed with baseball bats. There was no way they could take on twenty guys with baseball bats, that's just brutal. So they decided to split and head for the station.

“We can't take these guys...” Graham said, as a drop of sweat rolled down the side of his head.

“We can, but we'd lose...” D said.

“Anyway out of this?” Deni asked.

“The best idea is probably to split up, go in different directions but meet up at the train station. It's risky, but it's the best idea. We'll get killed if we try to fight them,” Tyler said.

“That is a good idea... I want to fight these bastards but I don't want to die...” Mo said.

“Okay, everyone run to your right, through the bushes, and split from there, okay?” D said.

“Good enough, I hope,” Jesse said.
“Break!” D yelled, as the ten guys ran through the bushes, with the Demons a bit behind, but close enough. Everyone ran by themselves, but at one point they couldn't run anymore.
“Screw it, here goes my best shot,” Mo said, as he turned around and punched a Demon in the face, knocking him to the muddy ground. Another ran up and swung at him with the bat, but Mo ducked and punched the Demon in the stomach, and picked up his bat. He then whacked the first Demon in the face, knocking him out, and then hitting the other one in the temple, nearly killing him.
“Wimp,” Mo said, as he ran to catch up with Mike.
“Shit.. Can't... Run...” Mike said, as he turned around, and got hit in the stomach with a bat. Mo ran up and hit one of the two Demons chasing him in the back of the head, knocking him out. Mike then got back up, kneed a Demon in the stomach, and then, with the Demon on his knees, Mike kicked him in the temple, knocking him out for sure.


            “Come on, we gotta find the others before they get themselves killed,” Mo said.
“Okay, let's go, thanks by the way,” Mike said, as him and Mo ran after Tyler.

“You guys up for some ass kicking?” Tyler said, as Mike and Mo caught up with him.

“Let's own these guys!” Mo said, as he swung at the Demon.

Tyler kicked the Demon in the face when they were both standing; talk about acrobatic. After Tyler kicked him, the Demon tripped backwards, but right before he tripped, Mo hit him in the back of the head with the bat. Mike picked up another bat and threw the bat at the second Demon, hitting in the stomach, causing him to fall to the ground. Mo then kept hitting the Demon on the ground, not allowing him to get up, until he was knocked out.


            “I think the others may be at the station already, fighting them off,” Tyler said.

“Oh damn, they will need our help, let's rush down there,” Mike said.
“Yeah, let's get 'em commies!” Mo said, as the three ran towards the station.

After the three got there, they saw the rest of the guys fighting the fourteen Demons. The three rushed in and helped the seven guys.
“About time you got here eh!” Graham said, as he punched a Demon in the face.

“Yeah yeah, don't start, we took out six others,” Mo said, as he hit a Demon in the head with a bat.

“Let's rip these guys apart!” Ryan said, as he kicked a Demon in the stomach.

Eventually it was ten on ten, and then the Demon's numbers started slowly decreasing. After the Demons are all knocked out, the train finally arrived.

“Of course, it arrives after we nearly get killed,” Alex said, as Mo laughed.

The ten stepped onto the train, but again, a few minutes later, the train broke down.

“Shit, now what?” Mark said, as the ten stepped out.

“The rails ahead are broken, I'm amazed we stopped without crashing,” Tyler said.

“How far are we, and where are we?” Deni asked.

“We're in the middle of Toronto. We're still an hours walk away from our area...” Tyler said.
“An hour?” Mo said, impatiently.

“Yeah, about an hour,” Tyler replied.

“I think we should all split, everyone knows the way home from here right?” D asked.

“Yeah, we all do,” Mark said.


            “Well then we all split, just find the way home as fast as you can, I'm sure everyone has their own personal route they find faster then going one person's way,” D said.

“Yeah, I have to agree... Okay, I say, Graham and D, me, Mike and Tyler, Mo and Jesse, and Mark, Deni and Alex,” Ryan said.

“Good enough,” Jesse said.

“Okay, let's go then,” D said, as everyone split into their groups.

Alex, Mark and Deni took a good route, or so it seemed at the time. A small, all-female gang invited them to their party...
“We don't have time for this, guys,” Deni said, as the guys walked up the stairs.
“Hey man, you gotta chill out sometimes,” Alex said, as the three opened the door.
The three sat around the room, with the girls dancing and playing pool. At one point the leader approached Mark and said,
“So you guys are the famous S-Rs... the guys that shot Bird!” the girl said as she pulled out a gun.
“Shit, the chicks are packed, the chicks are packed!” Mark yelled, as the three started to fight the girls. The leader kept shooting; but luckily missing each of the three guys.
“Let's get the hell out of here!” Alex said, as the three bashed through the door and ran down the stairs.
“Shit, they got away...” one of the girls said.


            The three ran outside in the pouring rain into an alley-way.

“Shit she cut me, the bitch cut me,” Deni said, as he looked at the long cut down his arm.

“We gotta get back home quick,” Mark said.

“Why? What's so bad?” Alex said.

“They think we shot Bird,” Mark replied, as he took a deep breath.

“What?” Deni said.
“They think we shot Bird, every gang in the city must be looking for us,” Mark said.

“If the truce is off, we gotta get home quickly,” Alex said.

“We got to warn the others,” Deni said, as the three ran out of the alley and down the street.
Now, down with D and Graham...
“Got your cell phone, Graham?” D asked, as the three ran into a park.

“Yeah, here,” Graham said as he handed D the phone.

“Deni, you hear me?” D said, on the phone.
“Yeah what is it?” Deni said.

“Where are you?” D said.

“On Young Street, get to the park, get everyone else there too,” Deni said.

“We're there, go to the baseball diamond, I'll call the others,” D said.

“Okay, peace,” Deni said, as he hung up.
D called the rest of the guys, and everyone met up at the baseball diamond in the park.

“What is it?” D asked Deni.

            “Guys, every gang in the city is looking for us,” Deni said.

“What!” Jesse said.

“They think we shot Bird, they're all after us,” Mark said.

“Shit man, is the truce off?” Mo said.

“Well, does it look like it?” Graham said.

“Screw you man,” Mo snapped.
“We still got to go through the Angel's territory,” Tyler said.

“Some angels they are, they are really tough,” Ryan said.
“Yeah, they are,” Mike said.

“We gotta go through their junkyard, that'll be tough...” Tyler said.

“There's no other choice, they will have their patrols out,” D said.

“Are the Colombians still after us?” Ryan asked.

“No, they gave us a truce until either one of our gangs is dead,” D replied.

“Okay, good, I don't want a friend from a while back serving us,” Jesse said.

“Jose is a nice guy, but he's damn tough,” D said.

“Yeah, I know,” Jesse said.

“So let's go through their junkyard then, I guess, I really don't want to, but I guess we have to,” Ryan said, as he cracked his fingers.

            “We're going to stay together for this one, we need a strong force all together,” D said.

“Okay, let's go then,” Mark said, as the ten guys ran down the street and through a large hole in the fence. They were at the junkyard.
“Damn... Okay, here we are,” Tyler said, as he jumped through the hole.

“Shit, I hear their bus, get down guys,” Mo said, as everyone hid behind a dumpster.
“Come out you sissies! We know you're here!” one of the Angels said, as the bus passed by.
“Oh shit man...” Ryan said.

“Cool it man, we're gonna make it home,” D said, as he breathed heavily, “run!”
The ten ran from behind the dumpster, jumping over scrapped cars, as fast as they could.
“Okay, all we got to do is run down this long alley-way and we can get to the beach, in our turf,” D said, as a drop of sweat dripped off his nose.

“We're coming to get you!” an Angel screamed as the bus drove through the fence.

“Oh damn! Run! Now!” Alex said, as the ten guys ran down the alley-way, jumping over the small fences and over scrapped cars.
“Run! Run! We can make it!” Mark said, as he ran as fast as he could.
The ten guys ran as fast as they can, until they got to a small ledge, but it dropped down onto the street, so the bus couldn't continue after them.

            “Jump!” Deni said, as everyone jumped over the small ledge, and ran down to the beach.
“We're here, they couldn't of followed us,” D said.

“Look...” Mike said, as he pointed at a small, black Cadillac; the kind the Knights use.

“They can chase after us until we get on to the actual beach,” Ryan said.
“You guys go out, I'm gonna take them out to the sand,” D said, as the nine guys walked down under the dock.
D could hear a quiet chime sound; or something that sounded like a few bottles clashing together, hard, but light enough so they wouldn't break.
“Guys... Come out to play...” Trop chanted several times.
D then walked under the dock with the nine other guys.

“You guys packed?” D said.

“Yeah man, let's do this thing,” Ryan said, as the ten walked onto the beach.

“Go after them,” Trop said.

The old Cadillac then pulled onto the sand, but it could go no further.
“Come on you wimps, let's do this,” Mo yelled.
Around ten of the Knights came out of the car; including Trop; and they walked up to the ten S-Rs standing there.

“So why'd you do it. why'd you shoot Bird,” D said, emotionless.

“I dunno... I just like doin' stuff like that,” Trop said, and then D chuckled.
“Let's do it. You and me. Right here,” D said.
“One on one? You're crazy,” Trop said as he pulled out his pistol, “you're dead, all of you, and you know it... you're dead.”

            “Watch it!” Tyler yelled, as D swung out of the way as the leader took a shot with his pistol, missing D, but before he could aim and take another shot, a knife was already heading towards the leader, and hit emerged into his wrist. The leader then screamed, Mo walked over, pulled the knife out of the leader's wrist fiercely, and then wiped the blood off with the leader's hair.

“You lost this battle, Trop,” Jesse said.

A huge crowd, maybe thirty Jokers walked onto the beach, and the S-Rs looked a little frightened.

“You still lookin' for us?” D said.

“We found who we're lookin' for,” the new leader said to D, as he looked at Trop.

“No, it wasn't us, it was them, the S-Rs,” Trop said, as he tried to get up.

“You S-Rs are good. Real good,” the leader said.

“The best,” Mo said.

“Let's go,” Tyler said, as the ten S-Rs walked down the beach, all pushing each other, just goofing around after a long, hard night like that.

“No!!!” Trop screamed, as the thirty Jokers surrounded the ten Knights.

Now that, my friend, is a story to tell.

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